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Mahara 2.0

Se ha anunciado la nueva versión de Moodle 2.0 que permitira el portafolio. Todavía no se bien las características de este pero vale la pena mencionarlo.


Curso Web Online

Elgg in a nutshell

Elgg is a free, open source social engine that lets you create a social environment / collaboration platform.  Although iIt has social networking principles at its heart, it is much much more than this as it  includes social bookmarking, blogging, wikis, RSS feeds, micro-blogging functionality and more – all in one platform. 

Elgg allows individuals to create, organise and manage their own personal resources and contacts using a variety of social media tools, as well as work with others – co-creating and sharing content and resources – in groups.

Tomado de  JAne Hart Blog


At a technical level Freefolio was part hack and part the development of a plug in. Technical developments included:

  • The ability to aggregate summaries of entries on a group basis
  • The ability add custom profiles to see profiles of peers
  • Enhanced group management
  • The ability to add blog entries based on predefined xml templates
  • More fine grained access controls
  • An enhanced workspace view


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